Why would I want to come to Rest Haven Homes?

Rest Haven Homes is a small, conservative Christian community.  Located in a residential neighborhood on the northeast side of Grand Rapids, Rest Haven Homes is one of Grand Rapids’ best kept secrets.

Our mission, …by love serve one another…, extends to all but in keeping with Galatians 5:13, especially those who are of the household of faith.

Our residents love the warm, family atmosphere and bright, open feeling as they walk in the front door. They love the fact that Rest Haven Homes is small and intimate, not like a big corporation.

Our facilities are tobacco and alcohol free. Our meals start with Scripture reading or prayer. Many of our activities are designed to minister as much to the spiritual aspect of the person as to the physical, mental, or emotional aspect.

If you love God’s people you will love Rest Haven Homes, Inc.

Do you serve residents with memory loss?

Our Love Wing is a high-needs, secure area where specially trained staff serve our residents  with various levels of memory loss. Our resident-to-staff ratio is almost double the State of Michigan requirements. In Faith and Hope wings we serve folks who just want some support with their meals, housekeeping and medication but who otherwise enjoy pursuing their own choices and maintaining more independence.

We seek to establish a sense of belonging and love where all our residents will feel comfortable and at home.

Does Rest Haven Homes receive Medicare or Medicaid?

No. Rest Haven Homes, Inc. was built on, and has stood on, the premise that the Lord will meet every need. For over 70 years, the Lord has rewarded that confidence. It is our belief that each resident and family should realize their own responsibility, as the Word of God teaches. 

What if I run out of money?

Rest Haven Homes does not receive any kind of assistance from Medicare or Medicaid. All of our rooms are fully private pay.

Our residents can use their Medicare part B or Medicaid, if they qualify, for doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, therapies, and so on. Those who have been in the Lord’s work or active in their local church fellowship with a reputation for good deeds can make an application for reduced payment. Financial contributions to Rest Haven Homes are used to underwrite the remaining portion of the reduced payment.

In keeping with 1 Timothy 5, it is expected that family members will financially assist their loved one if the need arises.