Life at Rest Haven Homes

“Who” is Rest Haven Homes?

Well, that’s a funny question to ask! Shouldn’t the question read, “what is Rest Haven Homes?” Perhaps the question makes more sense rephrased this way; “who is an average Rest Haven Homes resident?” It is at the same time both terribly simple yet confoundedly difficult to define the Rest Haven Homes population demographically. It is simple to say that our average age in the home is 88 and that the average age of our apartment residents is 82. It is simple to say that we have a two to one ratio of women to men with 66 ladies to 32 gentlemen. It would also be true to say, broadly, that our population is of a western cultured, evangelical Christian, conservative world view.

Recently, a resident stopped us at the cafe’ to tell us that they feel like Rest Haven Homes must be a little piece of heaven on earth. I thought about that and as I considered it I thought that it must be the many precious and unique individuals who make up the tapestry of our Home that give that sense of heaven on earth. At Rest Haven Homes we serve pastors and missionaries, musicians and artists, history buffs and athletes, mailman and writers. Our residents hail from Arizona, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois and of course Michigan each one bringing the culture of their upbringing to Rest Haven Homes. We serve farm hands and executives, homemakers and career women, engineers and craftsmen, factory workers and educators. There are Canadians and Dutchmen, Scotts and Swedes, Irishmen and Poles, Germans and Italian. Our residents bring such exciting, interesting life experiences together in this place, yet almost all our residents share this one common trait, a passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ. In Revelation 5,when the apostle John was given a glimpse of heaven, he saw men from every tribe and tongue, people and nation joining together to sing praise to the Lamb. So I guess, while Rest Haven Homes is far from perfect, I can understand a little of what our friend meant. I guess Rest Haven Homes really is a little bit of heaven on earth.